Career Coaching

Career Coaching is essentially about your career. It is suitable for individuals looking for a change in their career or individuals who have a career transition coming up.

Career Coaching stimulates individuals to identify what they really want and need from their career. It supports them to make a career choice and take the needed actions to accomplish their career objectives.

The aim of Career Coaching is to help the individuals make decisions and changes relating to their work life, and to help them move forward in their job. It focuses on the individual’s personal strengths and values, and helps them build their career path based on these factors.

A Career Coach will take the time to really listen and connect with who the client is and what the client wants. If required a career coach will use tools, exercises, or activities to help identify aspirations and help to take action toward achieving them.

Every Career Coaching program is different and comes with its own dynamic. Sometimes the Career Coaching supports finding a new position. But this is not always the case. The Career Coaching by itself may suffice and may generate a newly found balance.

Common desired outcomes:

  • Unwrap what gets in the way
  • Uncover motivational factors
  • Identify career aspirations and goals
  • Understand personality, strengths and values
  • Examine the skills, competencies and experience
  • Broaden mindset to considering alternative career options
  • Gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.

If you are looking for support in regard to career advice (CV, job portal, interview preparation), please visit the career advice section.

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