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Trying to find a career you love and a role that matches your skills?

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Are you contemplating which school of thought in coaching is the best choice for you?
Are you looking for well-rounded training that offers the right amount of balance between theory and practice?
Would you like to learn holistic coaching techniques and traditional coaching methods?
Are you looking to get your ICF Credentials (ACC, PCC, or MCC) stress-free?


Mareike Walter-Paschkowski has been personally selected by Marianna Lead, MCC (the Institute’s Founder / Executive Director), to represent the Goal Imagery Institute in Germany and to serve as the primary instructor of its ICF-approved & accredited Holistic, Life, Career & Executive Coach Training in the German language -> that covers all of the above — and more!

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Walter – Executive Coaching & Consulting offers customized corporate and private coaching services for executives, managers and individuals. The coaching sessions are designed as a 1 on 1 relationship between the coach and the individual focused on building a personal support system, developing skills, encouraging change and achieving defined goals.

A coach will help you to:

+ create greater awareness
+ maintain and grow your motivation and energy
+ define, prioritize and focus on your goals
+ constantly learn and reflect

A coach will in addition:

+ deliver required resources, tools and exercises
+ offer a different perspective
+ be your neutral sounding board
+ challenge you to identify blind-spots and to overcome inner barriers

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Walter – Executive Coaching & Consulting offers bespoke corporate and private consulting services in the area of Executive Search, Outplacement and Career Advice. All consulting services are customized to your requirements and can be combined with the available coaching services.

To learn more about our consulting services please visit the corresponding subsections or connect with us via email via: info@walter-coaching.com


Leading with Emotions (part II)

What is EI? A theoretical model created by Daniel Goleman includes 4 main aspects of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Management and Relationship-Management. He defines EI as “the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and to recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others. In practical terms, this means being aware that emotions …



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