Career Coaching

Career coaching is essentially about your career. It is suitable for people who want to make a career change or are facing a career change.

Career coaching encourages clients to recognise what they really want and need from their career. It helps them to make a career choice and take the necessary measures to achieve their professional goals.

The aim of career coaching is to help clients to make decisions and changes in their working life and to advance in their work. It focuses on the personal strengths and values of the individual and helps to shape the career path based on these factors.

A career coach will take the time to listen and connect with who the client is and what the client wants.

A career coach uses instruments, exercises or activities to identify the client’s goals and develop measures to achieve them.

Each career coaching program is individually designed and develops its own dynamics in the cooperation between coach and client.

Usual focus areas:

  • Identify what stands in the way of your career
  • Reveal motivational factors
  • Identify career aspirations and goals
  • Understanding personality, strengths and value
  • Exploring alternative career options
  • Build and strengthen self-confidence
  • Understanding termination as an opportunity
Successful career coaching is about creatively exploring career options and releasing personal potential so that clients can develop a strategy to achieve their goals.