Executive Coaching

What’s this about?

Executive Coaching is about supporting individuals in a leadership role. It focuses on the fact that individuals are responsible for highly complex and strategic decisions with a wide range of impacts on an organisation.

Who does that?

It is usually conducted by external coaches whose services are used for an agreed duration or number of coaching sessions. The program is a one-to-one relationship between a professional coach and a key employee in an organization.

What is the aim of this?

Coaching aims to inspire leaders to make behavioural changes that transform themselves and their team, thereby increasing the results and performance of the organisation.

Executive coaching offers the rare opportunity for the executive to step back and take a new look at the experiences and assumptions of a lifetime. It enables an improved self-perception, which is necessary to maintain positive changes.

With an executive coach who offers a results-oriented approach, the executive will most likely reach the predefined goals faster and easier. The executive will focus on developing new strategies and skills to overcome both internal and external barriers and thereby more effectively pursue organizational success.

Usual focus areas:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Clarity, focus and prioritisation
  • Commitment and trust
  • Balance in all aspects of life (self-realization)
  • Team leadership, team building and team development
  • organizational performance or development (transformation)
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Stress Reduction
Executive Coaching is a very effective way for an executive and the organization to take advantage of the opportunities of change in today’s increasingly demanding business world.