Career advice

Career counselling is usually carried out in 1 to 1 sessions (via Skype, telephone or in person). Career counselling goes beyond career coaching because you have a consultant at your side who works “as an expert” for and with you. A consultant who diagnoses possible problems, prescribes action steps and implements solutions for you.

Career advice is for anyone who wants to plan, change or focus on their career. If you feel that you have a job “just for the money”, if you are “no longer interested” in your job or if you feel “stuck” and “don’t know what to do”, you will definitely benefit from career advice.

The service will help you clarify who you are (skills, experience and abilities) and what you want to do in your life (your career vision). Based on this analysis, you will set your career goals and move towards them. A career advisor will support you throughout the process.

Career advice aims to guide you to a career that you enjoy AND that matches your interests and skills. The advice is fully tailored to your needs.

Our 4 step model

Our program consists of 4 levels:

  • Discover-> Who are you?
  • Wish -> Where do you want to go?
  • Decide-> What do you have to work on?
  • Implement -> What can you do differently?

Our most popular services

  • Create career strategy and plan
  • Revise resume and cover letter
  • Manage job portals
  • Dealing with headhunters
  • Prepare and practice interview
  • Update or optimize your social media brand (e.g. LinkedIn, Xing)
  • Prepare contract negotiations
  • Building a network and own brand