When do I benefit from coaching?

The question of the added value of coaching should be asked by every potential coaching client before signing a coaching agreement. Appropriate preparation by the customer is recommended. Below are a few helpful questions and points of reference that can provide an assessment of the added value of coaching.

Can you answer the following questions with YES? Then coaching may be a valuable option that should be considered:
  • Do you want to invest in yourself?
  • Do you seek and appreciate feedback?
  • Do you want to change your daily routine?
  • Do you think something has to change?
  • You want to take better care of yourself?
  • Are you open to learning new skills?
  • Are you looking for new challenges?
  • Are you in a transitional phase?
  • Is your life, your business, your career good, but you want it to get much better?
8 signs that coaching can be useful for you
  • Work stress, work overload
  • conflicting work demands
  • Lack of sufficient support
  • Conflict of values between you and your organisation
  • work with high emotional intensity
  • imbalance between work and private life
  • limited promotion opportunities
  • Need for a refresher/re-qualification
6 signs that coaching is NOT suitable for you:
  • Seek Validation
  • need advice
  • search for an expert opinion/view
  • need someone to solve a problem for you
  • suffer from depression
  • need crisis intervention