Coaching Toolkit

Depending on your needs and requirements, selected instruments can help you to clarify your wishes and achieve your goals. Most assessments and catalysts can be used as self, 360 or team assessments.
Fields of application
  • Personnel selection
  • Career planning
  • Individual development planning
  • Promotion and succession planning
  • Team development
  • Management Development
  • Career motivation
  • Compatibility with corporate culture
  • Factors of employee motivation
  • Organisational Development
  • Transformation and Change Processes
Focus areas

At the level of the individual:

  • Strengths of a manager
  • Management potential
  • Risks in management behaviour
  • Motivators and values
  • Stress Trigger
  • Communication behaviour
  • Decision style

At the team level:

  • level of confidence
  • level of involvement
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • Team Culture

At the level of the organization:

  • Key behaviour for corporate success
  • Factors influencing the corporate culture
  • Transformation through communication


The use of selected assessment or catalysing instruments awakens or increases awareness (at the level of the individual, team or organisation).
Assessments and catalysts can help to develop new ideas, generate trust, productivity, accuracy, collaboration, innovation and “good vibrations” within a team or relationship.

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