Quality assurance in coaching

Develop competencies professionally. Based on the ICF core competencies.

With e-book inside!

14 authors provide practical insights on how to increase quality in coaching.

The foundation for this book is the eight evidence-based core competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

These competencies, which are also the basis for the examination in the ICF certification process, will be examined from different angles and practice-tested, stimulating and inspiring impulses for professional development will be given.

All authors are long-time ICF mentors who guide coaches on their way to ICF certification.

In the German-speaking world, this professional cooperation and collegial supervision across national borders is unique – and has been further deepened by this joint book project.

The book is intended both for coaches with the professional aspiration of a coaching mindset that is curious, open to learning, and for trainers and consultants who would like to bring the essence of coaching into other professional settings.

Mareike Walter-Paschkowski outlines in “Fostering Trust and Safety: The Path to Co-Creation,” the important role of trust and safety, both from the client’s and the coach’s perspective.

The book is available for purchase from Beltz Verlag.

From the content

– Quality standards and professionalism in coaching”.
– Continuous professional and personal development through peer coaching, peer mentoring, and supervision
– Overview of the new eight ICF core competencies.
– The path to becoming an ICF coach – an opportunity for personal development
– Coaching presence: effectiveness, beyond craft and methods
– A sign of masterful coaching: the skilful handling of emotions
– The art of active listening
– Promote awareness in the coaching process
– Gesucht: Meisterhafte Teamcoaches!

Press/reader comments

“A workbook with depth for coaches who would like to work on their own competencies and the professionalism of their coaching practice.” red-rider.com, 12/29/2021

Antje Brügmann, PCC, President, ICF Germany Charter Chapter (21.02.2022):

This book delivers what it promises! Anne Schweppenhäußer and numerous mentors from ICF Germany not only explain how the new core competencies of the ICF can be used to set quality standards in coaching, but also provide insights and many tips on how these can be applied in coaching.

The book is a good companion for all those who want to question their coaching skills and constantly develop them further. It is clearly structured and can be read sequentially – e.g. with priority given to certain core competencies that are of particular importance to you. It is available in both hardcover and digital formats and should not be missing from any coach’s library!

Peter Szabó, MCC (15.01.2022):

What a valuable treasure chest for learning and professional coaches!

The book offers a diverse look at all that can constitute professionalism in the coaching profession. The reading experience thus becomes both an enticing stimulus and an encouraging reinforcement.

The collection of articles is designed in such a reader-friendly way, and even the table of contents is formulated in such a stimulating way, that curiosity and the desire to discover immediately arise to turn the pages and dive into the intricacies of this fascinating field of activity. The differentiated quality of the various viewing angles ensures that the desire to delve again and further is maintained.

Here, twelve authors enable depth far beyond the tools and methods of coaching. Rather, they open up a wide range of fine facets of professional coaching work and at the same time allow valuable insights into their individual discoveries and approaches to further learning in this field of activity.

The chances for quality assurance remain high!

The author

Mareike Walter-Paschkowski works as a career and leadership coach with executives and teams.

The focus is on accompanying change processes and strengthening sustainable resources.

Supporting insights from the areas of behavioral and personality analysis, communication and resilience are used

She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, ICF Mentor Coach and works as a trainer for the Goal Imagery® Institute.

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