How do I find the perfect Coach Match?

For a successful coaching relationship it is crucial that you find the right coach for you.

Since there are many coaches on the market who specialise in different areas, you should prepare yourself before you make a decision.

Spend some time researching (including checking the qualifications and experience of potential coaches) and take a few sessions before committing to a long-term engagement.

Below are some questions that may help you identify and narrow down the type of coach you are looking for.

Useful questions (before talking to a coach):
  • In which areas of my life am I looking for change/support?
  • Do I need a coach with a similar background (role, industry…) or not?
  • Which style (i.e. directive vs. non-directive) do I need or prefer?
  • What credibility and qualifications do I expect from my coach? *
  • Does the coach offer a free consultation?

* The International Coach Federation offers a Coach Finder for business and personal requirements The list contains certified coaches who have fulfilled the requirements for training and experience.

Look here:

Useful questions (after the conversation with a coach):
  • Do I trust this coach?
  • Does the coach agree with my wishes?
  • Is the coach listening?
  • Does the coach show a style/approach that I feel comfortable with?
  • Does the coach perceive my strengths and development opportunities?
  • Can the coach articulate the model of coaching?
  • Does the coach set expectations and define the scope of the engagement?
  • Can the coach give examples of how he/she has helped others to develop?
  • Does the coach exude a kind of professionalism that I respect?

If you feel excited and curious after the consultation – don’t worry – this is a good sign! It shows that you are inspired to grow, but maybe you have a little respect for it because the coach may encourage you to leave your comfort zone.