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Strong arguments for training at the Goal Imagery® Institute:


100% Online and 100% live


Course in German


ICF approved, ICF accredited


Course material in German and English


Traditional and holistic techniques


Peer Coaching


monthly Alumni calls


Preparation for the ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment


Coaching with real customers


Small classes


Level 1: ACSTH - 23 course weeks


Level 2: ACTP - 23 + 19 course weeks


Mentoring and supervision


Marketing and business development


life long access to the Alumni portal with all materials


Bonus course for ICF members



starting Tuesday 3rd of October 2023*, 4pm CET – German

starting 4th of October 2023*, 3pm CET – Englisch

*minimum number of students: 6


The Institute

Goal Imagery® coach training offers a uniquely broad range of traditional and holistic coaching techniques. The programs are based on the Goal Imagery® method, which connects thinking, feeling, being and doing and provides unparalleled education and hands-on training.

The Goal Imagery® Institute was founded in 2008 by Marianna Lead, MCC, to create a truly comprehensive, holistic learning environment that harnesses the subconscious power of emotion and imagination to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals faster and easier..

All our workshops, seminars and training programs unite thinking, feeling, being and doing – and help you discover the path you should take – for your personal growth and professional success.

We recognize that people have different learning styles, and we strive to give individual attention to everyone who learns with us to ensure that their learning needs are met. We encourage our students to use their natural strengths, abilities, and creativity to make the learning process joyful, fun, fulfilling, and meaningful.

The “Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach Training” includes traditional and holistic coaching techniques, practical exercises and has a comprehensive online learning platform. The goal is to prepare the students optimally for ICF certification and the work as a professional coach.

With a maximum of 10 students per class & 2.5 hours of instruction per week, the focus is on the practical application of ICF core competencies from the perspective of the Coaching Mastery (MCC).

The training is comprehensive & includes a variety of coaching niches and approaches, such as positive psychology/strength-based coaching, emotional intelligence (EQ), neuroscientific/brain-based coaching, adult education, use of metaphors, images & NLP.


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Goal Imagery Institute Trainer and ICF Mentor

Mareike Walter-Paschkowski, PCC


My philosophy is...

“Life begins outside your comfort zone”

My values are...

Challenge & Change

My coaching focuses on...

Career and Leadership

My passion...

Young managers and talents, virtual leadership of teams, women in management positions

As a coach, I work with...

Individuals and teams who…

  • want to face their professional challenges in a new way
  • want to develop a clear vision of the future
  • want to question and change the status quo
  • create and implement SMART goals
  • want to set an example
  • realize, that you have to start with yourself
  • You want to approach your goals professionally with a sparring partner.

Career development...

Diplom Kauffrau (FH) with more than 14 years of experience in Europe and the Middle East, in project and change management, consulting & coaching

  • Since 2020: Lead Trainer of the Goal Imagery Institute for the Online Coach Training in German
  • Since 2017: Independent executive, career and leadership coach at Walter-Executive Coaching & Consulting in Germany
  • Since 2018: Project management at Deutsche Post AG in Germany
  • 2015-2017: Regional Manager & Executive Coach at Logistics Executive Group in Dubai, VAE
  • 2011-2014: Projekt Manager at Deutsche Post AG in Germany
  • 2003-2011: Projekt Manager at Wavin GmbH in Germany
  • Author of various articles on topics related to emotional intelligence and the role of personnel in the course of digitization.
  • Speaker, panelist & chairman at various industry events, focus on employee development & sustainability.

My coaching training...

2020 – Hogan Assessments Certification (https://www.hoganassessments.com/)

2019 – Professional Certified Coach – PCC
(International Coach Federation: https://coachfederation.org/)

2018 – Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach
(Goal ImageryⓇ Institute, International School of Coaching Mastery) – ACTP certificate: https://www.goalimageryinstitute.com/)

2018 – Coach Certified in Conversational Intelligence®
(The CreatingWE Institute: https://creatingwe.com/)

2018 – TypeCoach Certified Professional
(TypeCoach LLC: https://www.type-coach.com/)

2017– Associate Certified Coach – ACC
(International Coach Federation: https://coachfederation.org/)

2016 – Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach
(Goal ImageryⓇ Institute, International School of Coaching Mastery) – ACSTH certificate: https://www.goalimageryinstitute.com/)

As a trainer, I work with...

  • Managers who want to use coaching skills in everyday management
  • Coaches aiming for ICF certification
  • People who want to establish themselves as professional coaches
  • Coaches who want to strengthen their coaching experience and quality through supervision and mentoring

My strengths as an instructor…

result from the feedback of my students:

The modules

Coaching basics and ICF core competencies

30 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

You will discover predecessors of coaching, the history of coaching, different ways of thinking in coaching and a wide variety of coaching niches. You will learn the difference between coaching, psychotherapy, counselling, mentoring and other related interventions.

You will also learn about the International Coach Federation (ICF) and its universally established core competencies in coaching, including understanding ethical guidelines and professional standards, concluding a coaching agreement, setting limits and expectations, creating an environment of trust, what to focus on as a coach, the ability to listen, to be present and in the moment, to ask powerful questions, to help shape homework and action steps, to acknowledge your client’s efforts, to plan and set goals, to develop accountability, to manage progress and accountability, to create awareness and direct communication.

Coaching templates, techniques and niches

35 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

You will practice using various coaching templates to set goals, determine coaching topics, create action steps and manage progress. You will learn how to coach on specific topics and challenges found in most popular life, career and other coaching niches – as well as tools and techniques applicable to specific areas of coaching.

You will learn how to apply and integrate the ICF core competencies in different areas of coaching. This includes stress management coaching, relationship coaching, time management, life work balance coaching, coaching in relation to job interviews and coaching our clients during a transition phase.

Holistic techniques are presented as well as the scientific evidence for coaching, the ROI of coaching and other tools and resources. During the course you will learn a lot about neuroscience and brain-based coaching, positive psychology and strength-based coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, appreciative exploration, NLP coaching, applications of system theories, theories of adult learning, change theories and many other concepts used in coaching.

Business building and authentic marketing are also integrated into the course.

Coaching Supervision

30 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

This module is designed to create a deep understanding of ICF core competencies from the perspective of mastery and their practical application in a coaching context. In coaching supervision, each core competence is practiced individually and integrated into a coaching session. You learn masterful coaching skills and become confident in your ability to offer a coaching session.


30 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

In this module you will receive group and individual coaching by Mareike Walter-Paschkowski, Professional Certified Coach. You will receive MP3 recordings of your coaching with detailed feedback on each ICF core competence and overall performance, with concrete suggestions to make your coaching more effective and masterful. Individual mentoring is tailored specifically to your growth area. You will also receive step-by-step instructions and forms for the ICF application and certification process.

Registration and next steps

You can register by emailing the trainer, Mareike Walter-Paschowski, at mareike@goalimagery.com after you have had a consultation with Mareike or another official representative of the school.

After your $200 registration fee is processed, you will receive your welcome brochure and contract to sign.

You will then receive the dial-in data for the course and access to the online portal with the course preparation materials.



+49 175 11 44 055


Kurpfalzstr. 162
67435 Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Deutschland


Live, 100% practical and 100% monitored ONLINE training
Participation in small classes for an optimal learning experience via the convenient internet and telephone connection
Integration of your new coaching skills with your current professional experience
Personal and professional growth by being coached throughout the course
Work with real coaching clients
You receive the templates and forms you need for a turnkey coaching business (bilingual in German and English)
You will receive the support and resources you need to set up and expand your coaching practice, including marketing templates
Professional instruction by the graduate and trainer of the Goal Imagery® Institute Mareike Walter-Paschkowski, PCC

Mentoring and supervision

Evidence of 10 mentor hours (7 group hours, 3 individual hours) is required by ICF as a prerequisite to applying for ICF certification.

Included in the “Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach Training” (ACSTH Pathway) are 7 mentor group sessions.

3 Mentor one-on-one sessions may be booked additionally by students after completion of Course 1 (ACSTH). Or, alternatively, may be obtained through Course II (ACTP).

ICF members can expect a bonus, feel free to contact us!

Testimonials from the Goal Imagery Institute

Here is a small selection of what students say about our coaching training

(You can find further field reports under https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariannalead/)