Leadership Coaching

Management coaching is essentially about leadership. It is sometimes also called business or executive coaching.

Management coaching is suitable for example for

  • Persons newly appointed to a management position
  • Business owners or experienced managers
  • Anyone responsible for a group of people.

Leadership coaching is usually a one-to-one relationship between a leadership coach and a manager that is designed together.

Leadership coaching is about improving the leadership skills and abilities of a person and thereby supporting the achievement of organizational goals.

Management coaching can help an executive to address specific challenges and work on potential risk areas.

A leadership coach is the external, neutral and confidential discussion partner who gives the executive the opportunity to thoroughly examine his or her goals and issues, role, strengths and development areas. The coach will create an environment in which the manager feels supported and held accountable for the action steps he or she has chosen.

Usual focus areas:

  • make decisions
  • Improve communication
  • Development of teams with high potential
  • Manage time more effectively
  • Increase confidence and assertiveness
  • Career development and planning
  • Improvement of presentation and networking skills
  • Gain a head start through self-marketing and branding
  • Improve relationships (business and personal)
  • Dealing with conflicts and learning conflict management skills
When leaders improve their performance, these benefits spread throughout the organization.
In a sense, the fact that senior managers are exposed to the coaching experience has the effect of creating a coaching culture within the organisation itself.