FiRE-Modell of Resilience

Using the “FiRE-Modell of Resilience“ to improve performance and aplomb when facing pressure, complexity and uncertainty.
A new key competence of today’s managers is considered to be their ability to withstand this pressure, their resilience.
Resilience is understood to be people’s ability to deal constructively with the pressure to perform, changes and crises, to remain capable of acting and, ultimately, even to emerge stronger from all of this. Part of this skill is innate, but much of it can be acquired.
Part of this skill is innate, but much of it can be acquired.
For this reason, Leadership Choices have spent the past ten years – following extensive research and continuous ongoing development – developing the FiRE Model of Resilience, whose individual levels are analysed and processed during coaching sessions or workshops. The acronym “FiRE” FiRE stands for Factors Improving Resilience Effectiveness.


Through the targeted modification of neuronal circuitry, it is possible to permanently establish behavioral patterns that promote one’s own resilience.
Karsten Drath

Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Psychotherapeut, Leadership Choices GmbH