Type Coach

TypeCoach is an online provider of personality tools. These allow people to discover their “personality type” through a simple online self-assessment. As a result, they understand and learn how to work with it most effectively.
The tools provided can help your team understand work styles, communication preferences and other key factors in team productivity.
TypeCoach uses custom videos and animations instead of traditional questions. This maps a person’s preference to the 4-letter model. The result is a “type” similar to the result of filling out Myers Briggs or any other type-based questionnaire.
TypeCoach Test differs in what else it offers – and how the “type” is applied beyond the individual to an entire organization.
Graduates of traditional indicators usually only learn the meaning of their own personality and not how they fit in context with others. We believe this realization, and the accompanying focus on ‘what do I do now’, is where the primary value of personality type resides.
Rob Toomey

President, TypeCoach LLC


An interactive tool that allows you to discover your “best suited” personality type.

You will receive a 5-page report with tips on maximizing your natural strengths, identifying and addressing problem areas, understanding your stress reactions and more.


Discuss the results to help you maximize your productivity given your personality type.

30 minutes individual coaching on demand for your personality type.


Consulting with support of videos and online tools for a successful cooperation with other personality types (e.g. ESTJ with INFJ) and an adapted diagram to identify the personality types within your team