Coach Training (course info)

Coaching basics and ICF core competencies

30 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

You will discover predecessors of coaching, the history of coaching, different ways of thinking in coaching and a wide variety of coaching niches. You will learn the difference between coaching, psychotherapy, counselling, mentoring and other related interventions.

You will also learn about the International Coach Federation (ICF) and its universally established core competencies in coaching, including understanding ethical guidelines and professional standards, concluding a coaching agreement, setting limits and expectations, creating an environment of trust, what to focus on as a coach, the ability to listen, to be present and in the moment, to ask powerful questions, to help shape homework and action steps, to acknowledge your client’s efforts, to plan and set goals, to develop accountability, to manage progress and accountability, to create awareness and direct communication Translated with (free version)

Holistic life, career & executive coach / templates, techniques and niches

35 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

You will practice using various coaching templates to set goals, determine coaching topics, create action steps and manage progress. You will learn how to coach on specific topics and challenges found in most popular life, career and other coaching niches – as well as tools and techniques applicable to specific areas of coaching.

You will learn how to apply and integrate the ICF core competencies in different areas of coaching. This includes stress management coaching, relationship coaching, time management, life work balance coaching, coaching in relation to job interviews and coaching our clients during a transition phase.

Holistic techniques are presented as well as the scientific evidence for coaching, the ROI of coaching and other tools and resources. During the course you will learn a lot about neuroscience and brain-based coaching, positive psychology and strength-based coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, appreciative exploration, NLP coaching, applications of system theories, theories of adult learning, change theories and many other concepts used in coaching.

Business building and authentic marketing are also integrated into the course.

Holistic life, career & executive coach / supervision

30 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

This module is designed to create a deep understanding of ICF core competencies from the perspective of mastery and their practical application in a coaching context. In coaching supervision, each core competence is practiced individually and integrated into a coaching session. You learn masterful coaching skills and become confident in your ability to offer a coaching session.

Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach / Mentoring

30 SCLH (Specific Coach Learning Hours)

In this module you will receive group and individual coaching by Mareike Walter-Paschkowski, Professional Certified Coach. You will receive MP3 recordings of your coaching with detailed feedback on each ICF core competence and overall performance, with concrete suggestions to make your coaching more effective and masterful. Individual mentoring is tailored specifically to your growth area. You will also receive step-by-step instructions and forms for the ICF application and certification process.